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Some schools are pushing ahead with their own NorTLE desktop images and want to know what size to make the image; the best size is 1024 x 768



Welcome to NorTLE
Code of Practice for using NorTLE


1. I must not tell my username and passwords to anyone else but my parents.

2.  If I think someone has learned my password then I will tell my teacher.

3. I must log off after I have finished using NorTLE.

4. I must never use other people’s usernames and passwords or computers left logged in by them.

5. I will only use polite language when I use NorTLE and must not write anything that might upset someone or give the school a bad name.

6. I know that everything done on NorTLE is monitored and if I have broken any of these rules I will lose the privilege to use NorTLE.